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Red, White and Blue Patriotic USA Hip Plastic Flask 7 oz - Eagle

  • $ 549

Red, White and Blue Patriotic USA Hip Plastic Flask 7 oz

This all-American 7 oz plastic hip flask features the iconic American Eagle, against a background of the star-spangled American flag with USA stamped on the front.

This leak-proof plastic hip flask holds 7 fluid ounces. It is sleek, light-weight and compact, making it easy to tuck into a briefcase, a laptop bag or a pair of cargo pants. The flask is made of plastic and has a plastic spill-proof lid that screws closed. It is easy easy to carry and hold.

Made of durable plastic, this flask will leave no metallic taste behind in your beverage of choice.

Due to its plastic nature, it is non-detectable at events where metal flasks would set off metal detectors. If the flask is dropped, it will not make a loud, clattering noise like a stainless steel flask. This makes it ideal for use at concerts, picnics and sports events.

It features a black plastic bottom and textured top with a black screw-on plastic lid.

Easy to clean- hand wash is recommended.

This flask is a great, discreet option for bringing beverages on-the-go.



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