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play time Automatic self-Reloading puzzle Feeder for Dog, toy Ball Green/red,Tigerfn Shop

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Automatic self-Reloading puzzle Feeder for Dog, toy Ball Green/red

A self-reloading puzzle feeder for your dog with a real bell that challenges, stimulates and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours.
The Foobler  is an automatic puzzle feeding toy. Spherical in shape, the inside of the Foobler contains six pods that can hold a combined total of two cups of kibble or small treats. A dog owner can set the Foobler to dispense a new pod’s worth of food every 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes. At the sound of a bell, the dog is alerted that the game is on! Like other puzzle toys, the dog must bat and nuzzle the Foobler to release the pieces of kibble.
Because the Foobler combines the entertainment of a puzzle toy with the convenience of an automatic feeder, it can be used to engage a dog in healthy, constructive play when its owner is away at work or running errands. Set at the longest interval setting of 90 minutes, a dog can play with the Foobler throughout a nearly nine-hour period, which is just incredible.
  • Helps rehabilitate a dog's natural instinct to hunt and forage for food. Great way to help stop them from chewing on the trash and shoes.
  • The FooblerTM is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods. So you can set it and forget it.
  • This is truly the first Puzzle toy with an automatic feeder that keeps the dog playing the whole day. Perfect for people who can't spend the whole day with their dogs.
  • The FooblerTM was designed to be easy to use and easy to clean. Add your favorite dog treats and Play! Clean it by hand or in the dish washer!
  • A mechanical bell goes off depending on the 15/30/60/90 minute setting. This helps keep the dogs body and brain active and engage.
  • This product is typically shipped 3 to 5 days after order is confirmed. 

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