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Kids Fun & Entertaining Water Magic Drawing Mat, Tigerfn Shop

  • $ 2097

Kids Fun & Entertaining Water Magic Drawing Mat

If you want to develope your kids creative ablilty, but don't want the felt tip and paint stains on the wallpaper and furnishings…
The water magic drawing mat, no mess drawing with water in glorious techni-colour! just fill the pen with water and create on the magic mat! 
Kids are fascinated when they see the colorful images spring up and fade away slowly,
The illustrations allows kids to create impressive drawing, such as birds, houses and people...
Encourages creativity, builds fine motor coordination, help kids master writing.


Specification :  

Material : Surface polyester fiber 
                 Underside waterproof PVC
Dimensions : 80 x 60cm/31.5 x 23.6inch (Lager size design)
Package Includes :  

1 x Baby Kid Drawing Writing Mat
2 x Water Magic Pen



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